About Us

Peter, the founder of Lekker & Vers, has been working hard for years to offer children a healthy start. In 2005 he developed a lunch box concept for children at the school care centre. During this process he discovered that there is a great need for hot meals at nurseries and BSOs. He accepted this challenge and with great success. Lekker & Vers has since grown into a very professional organisation. More than 350 locations throughout the country enjoy the chilled meals every day. A milestone has been reached. This is the right moment to hand over the helm. Ingrid Cayet, founder of Madaga, takes up this challenge with both hands.

Strong together
Bringing babies and toddlers on a taste adventure is not that easy. Madaga is a pioneer in this field. Strong in developing children’s food of the best quality. The chefs know exactly how to turn healthy ingredients into exciting dishes with which little ones can lick their fingers. Madaga cooks fresh, with 100% organic ingredients and nothing else: no e-numbers, flavors and colors, preservatives and salt. A dish will not be on the menu until 80% of the children enjoy it. For example, they take around 20,000 children with them every week on a taste adventure. In this way, Madaga, together with the strength of its pedagogical staff, lives up to its mission – to make little ones fall in love with real food for a bite to eat.

L&V is a pioneer when it comes to hot meals in childcare and we have taken many steps in recent years to better meet the needs of the market. In recent years, our range has been expanded with more organic, vegetarian and contemporary dishes. We have constantly improved our service and service remains an important spearhead for us. Our service team is at your service every day.