The 3-day smoothie detox: delicious, healthy and effective!

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine our streets without the smoothie. The healthy smoothie bars are shooting out of the ground like mushrooms and no wonder; smoothies are delicious and healthy as well! It’s no wonder that you can even do a smoothie detox cure now, but with what result? I was so curious that I have looked into it.

Feeding your body, not filling it……………………………..

I love fruit and so a smoothie is never a punishment for me, but I’m not very creative. I usually stay a bit stuck in the solid ingredients and don’t get much further than some avocado or spinach as a green variant. Until I recently came across the detox cure of Fruitweek. Especially the slogan: “You have to feed your body, not fill it! “…appealed to me immediately. The detoxbox is mainly meant to cleanse your body and to give it a new start, that you can also lose a few kilos is seen as a nice bonus. So it strives much more for a long term goal, namely a healthy body.

The preparation
Image1To get your body cleaned properly, it’s important that you don’t just go to the smoothies for 3 days. Fruitweek has a dietary advice that is sent to you in advance. Very handy, because I didn’t have to think about what to eat now. I had breakfast with a spelt cracker, or omelette. For lunch a salad, or nice soup and in the evening sweet potato with turkey or chicken. In my reader were also delicious recipes and a shopping list; a child can do the laundry, they say. But I was especially curious about the smoothies and that box was after 7 days neatly on my doorstep ……

3 days to the smoothies

And then it was time…, I received a mega detoxbox full of goodies anyway! From apples, to celery, goji berries and fresh ginger. I have to say, when I started unpacking the box, the sweat slightly broke out. Was I going to eat all this in 3 days?!

The next day I started with my first smoothie; a carrot, apple, ginger smoothie. A combination that I could never have imagined myself, so I had already scored points with it. In addition to the 3 main ingredients, it also contained Goji berries, coconut fat and chia seeds. What is very handy is that all trays are numbered. The smoothie was made in no time at all. And I have to say: delicious!

Actually, I especially liked the smoothies for in-between and breakfast. These were just a bit sweeter, hmmmmm…take the ones with dates, banana and rice milk. The evening smoothies I found a little less “a party” but if you know what you’re doing it for (a healthy body), they’re also easy to do. I especially noticed that you miss chewing, quite logical because it registers your body that you eat. I really recommend to chew on your smoothie (that’s fine if you keep it a bit thicker). And if you’re really tired of the smoothies a vegetable broth is allowed: heavenly I can tell you!

Shiny hair and kilos lighter
After the detox cure I noticed that I had more energy, also my hair looked much more beautiful. You also lose a few kilos, which of course is never wrong. But what you don’t see, may be much more valuable…. My liver is completely relaxed after these three days and I can count on it in the near future that my liver will be able to work out all toxic substances (that I might still get in) much easier. But after this adventure I of course think twice before I work all E-numbers and sugars in again ;)!

This summer detoxes with discount
Are you curious about one of these detox treatments? Order your box via fruit week and call the code ‘Gezondblog’ (Healthyblog). You will get a 10 euro discount on your box!