Detox treatment and juice fasteners dangerous or healthy?

Detox treatment and juice fasteners dangerous or healthy?

Opinions on detoxes and juice fasting are divided. Not only is it healthy or dangerous, but also what it really is. There are so many variations and types of detox cures and that’s why you can’t throw them all in one pile. That’s why in this post I will discuss more about the most common questions about detoxes.

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What is detoxing?

Detoxing means detoxifying, which usually means detoxifying your liver. During detoxing, you don’t usually eat solid food for a few days, but juices or smoothies. Usually 2 to 7 days, depending on which detox treatment you choose. A responsible detox treatment also requires a good phasing out programme. Things like processed food, sugar, coffee and alcohol usually don’t occur there.

What is it good for?

With a good detox treatment, you can put your body back on edge for a while. You make a fresh start by taking a good look at your eating habits and adjusting them. Because you don’t eat processed food, you give your liver a rest and it has a chance to completely cleanse and detoxify itself. In a perfect world without processed food, exhaust fumes, stress and everything else, your liver is perfectly capable of taking care of everything itself. But unfortunately we don’t live in prehistoric times anymore and a little help in due time is quite handy.

Why should you detox?

To make a fresh start: Just another stick behind the door to leave all the “wrong” food behind.
Lose weight: If your liver can’t cope with detoxification, toxins are stored in your fat and weight loss becomes increasingly difficult.
Taste change: After a detox period your taste buds are fresh and fruity again and you appreciate and taste everything much better.
Awareness: Learning to eat new things and what is and is not good for you.
Mindfull: Your head is also cleaned up and the cotton wool disappears, perfect for gaining new insights.
Wanting children: The detox treatment creates a healthy environment in the womb, a good start for a pregnancy.

Juice fasteners, pills or pure food?

There are several roads leading to Rome, I will discuss three of them here.

Juice fasteners / smoothies: 2 to 7 days of only liquid food ensures that you can quickly clean your body. It is best to combine this with a good build-up and breakdown program because otherwise the detoxification goes too fast. Three days is in my opinion a perfect choice for liquid food. Long enough to cleanse your body but not too long so you don’t burn your muscles.
Pills: Everything is for sale nowadays in pill form…. But whether that is an improvement…………………………… The purpose of detoxing is to give your body real food again and to change your taste. If you go for the easy way with pills then you hit the shelf, in my eyes, so completely wrong.
Pure food: You can also detox and “just” continue eating. Then you adjust your diet for a longer period of time (usually one month) and your body will also be cleaned.
In a group or just at home?

It is very nice when you are in the luxury position that you can have a detox holiday. This is often done in warm places with more activities that also bring you mental peace. Think of silence walks, yoga or meditation. Because you do it together and you are in holiday atmosphere it is almost a treat for yourself. Depending on the number of days you are away, you can either finish at home or do it on the trip itself.

You can also just detox at home and just as well have the feeling that you are doing it together by registering with a Facebook group. The advantage of detoxing at home is that you can schedule it when it suits you and of course it’s also much cheaper! Just remember that you don’t just work in bottles of juice from one day to the next. Your body does need food and it is important that you get enough energy during detoxing to get the best results.

Can anyone detox?

There are a few situations in which it is better not to detox.

Pregnancy or breastfeeding
Eating problems such as anorexia and bulimia
Younger than 18 years old
Medical complaints
If in doubt, contact your attending physician.

Do I lose weight with detoxes?

You almost always lose weight during a detox course. Some of them more than others, depending on your eating habits before and also the type of detox treatment. If after the detox you immediately switch to “wrong” food, then that’s the way it is. But if it is a start for a healthier lifestyle for you, then losing weight will be a lot easier.

How do you proceed after a detox treatment?

A responsible detox course also includes a build-up programme. In this program you slowly switch to a fixed dosage.